Thursday, 4 September 2014

Twin Peaks Mofo!

So its been a rather long ass time since I updated this bad boy but needless to say I am back…. Back with vengeance or at least I hope that is the case and no further blocks can prohibit me from getting down with my creative self!

Now as it stands I currently want to delve in deep between digital and hand rendered stuff so that I can create a diverse portfolio, namely graphic design shizz and illustration shizz!

Now that I have digressed lets get on with the show shall we!

Twin Peaks is by far my one of my favourite TV Shows of all time, Mr Lynch is a god amongst men…. true story.

So anyhow I have created this lil beauty earlier today in an attempt to get back into the swing of things I have decided to rather wing it and simplify the fuck out of it so here is the results:

Now as per usual criticism is not only valued it's damn well asked for! Let me know what you think and perhaps ill do a series of these… Definitely want to do some stuff with Audrey in and One Eyed Jacks! 

Anyhow ladies and gents ill be seeing your sexy selves soon. 

Toodles and hey, have a coffee and a donut courtesy of the Twin Peaks Sheriff Department.


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