Thursday, 15 March 2012

Red Son

Back yet again! My take on Superman's Red Son via the inspiration of russian avant garde art and Alexander Rodchenko. I wanted an 1984 feel to the poster and the results are as follows: First without the texture and secondly with the added cold war type feel overlay. Lastly is a video of the motion comic. Enjoy and thanks! Till next time peeps! x

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

1000 Views Baby!!!!

As a thank you I give to you various imagery from various exhibitions... voilĂ !!!

Starting off an ancient picture of me at my first exhibition about 6 years ago? Give or take!

Degree Show...

New Blood...

Central Library Solo Exhibit...

PLUS MORE TO COME! ... Well here's hoping! 

Thanks once again guys for your support ;) 
All the best. Peace and love J xxx


Coffee!!! A painting I did for my mate Ray. Appropriate medium too given that it's actually made from coffee with a dab of acrylic paint.