Thursday, 19 May 2011

FANTASTIC!!! .... Four!

Yes, yes! The Marvel classic team of superheroes.... Only revamped. This is actually an oldish project that I did last year. Each member is given an additional element to represent themselves such as The Thing - Wood, Human Torch - Fire, Mr Fantastic - Water and Sue Storm - Air.

The characters should visualise this. Anyhow each character was created for the purpose of being illustrated on a comic cover so the first 4 images are the final designs on the correct dimensions.

Now that thats done, developmental work!!! :-

First is Human Torch, built out of Super Sculpey!!!! There were lots of photos of trial and error, too much that I care not to share on here but hey I think this selection showcases the various aspects of development of the character.

Mr Fantastic was designed of the purest of intentions to model him on myself. So what you see here are illustrations of myself in various posies.

The Thing was actually the most fun I had at developing. I based the initial concepts on a combintaion of a tree and the ABC Warrior from Judge Dredd. Funny isn't it how the end result looks nothing like the original designs but showcases a journey through visual development.

Lastly there is Sue Storm aka The Invisible Woman. For this I wanted to have the character naked to give the impression all her clothes were 'invisible' however this idea was quickly frowned upon so I had to improvise. One of these designs (inparticular the lingerie one) had received critical feedback, too much positive criticism. I particularly agreed and included this in my portfolio. I shall place this image first thereafter is the rest of the development:
 One more thing I should have mentioned at the start of this is the importance of type! Each visual had to incorporate the use of type that why all final four covers look the way they do. Keep this in mind when looking at the similarities of the Invisible Woman prototype covers.

And we are done!

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